Social Oxygen Master Account

Local businesses are desperate
to get their social media
done and are throwing
cash at you to do this
for them!

Why Haven’t Other Agencies Already Done This?
There are several reasons that agencies do not do social media.

Even the best tools are extremely complicated!
Who is going to write all the content?
They require dedicated social media writing experts.
They have to keep writing content for every single customer every single month.
They have to charge extraordinary prices to even break even.

You Want To Know The Best Part?

There is no competition with Social Media. With SEO, you are always competing with someone and getting knocked down with the latest Google update. You are just one month away from getting fired because of the next SEO company that has a better presentation or proposal than you did.

If social media looks good, it is good! Your customers whine way less, you don’t compete with anyone and best yet, your 90% profit product lasts practically forever. Out of 64 clients, 3 have quit after 6 months of working with them. Compare that to anything you do!

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